On the Internation Yoga Day, Modiji states the importance of it during this time.


Yoga has faced challenges that have impacted us in better ways during the Covid-19 pandemic that has evoked the country negatively, stated PM, addressing the physical as well as the mental health that needs to overcome by facing the challenges and improving through some exercise and the mindful yoga. 

Yoga improves in the ways of physical as well as the mental health that shall overcome our strength as well as the stress. The impact of negativity decreases and the creativity impact increases said Modiji on the Yoga Day announcing the M-Yoga App. This app will be available in multiple languages that shall show the yoga training and videos for the users based on protocols. 

During the difficult times of the pandemic, nobody was prepared for it when it entered but we shall keep up with the health where mainly Yoga kept us going with the hope. It was a lot more for our country to take up and cope up with the pandemic that impacted us in every way. Yoga just helps us in building the self-confidence that brings up the life to handle the strength. 

Not only in India, but Yoga became the medium globally that kept people with self-reliance and gave people the much confidence to stand against the disease. Especially, when we talk about the health workers and doctors, they kept up with the Yoga to overcome their stress as they faced the most negativity from everywhere. It was important that implementation of Yoga shall be the one coming up to fight it against everything that is coming on its way related to Corona. 

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