Petrol prices again hiked after one-day relief.


Fuel prices rose after one day of the relief. There is a rise in the price of each fuel that was hiked by 25-28 paise per liter from Tuesday. 

Only a day went subtle without changing the prices of the fuel for one day. On Tuesday morning it was declared the rise in price and hence it has become such a way that fuel prices will be higher in price only. 

The price after the hike in the rates of fuel is Rs 97 and Rs 88.23 that is purely a rise of 25-26 paise from the earlier price. In a city like Mumbai, there is a hike in the price that went upto Rs 103.64 up from Rs 103.35, these are the petrol prices whereas diesel prices are at Rs 95.73 rising from Rs 95.43. 

If we talk about Chennai prices, it has risen Rs 97.23 and Rs 87.96 per liter. Other cities fuel rates are as follows:

Bangalore: Rs 100 and Rs 93. 

Jaipur: Rs 104 and Rs 97.26

Patna Rs 100 and Rs 93

Ranchi: Rs 93 and Rs 93.13

Therefore the price of petrol that has risen above Rs 100 is marked in almost six cities that include Union Territories and covering Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh and other North India parts like Jammu and Kashmir and more. The highest price of the fuel has pointed upto Rs 108 and Rs 101 across our country. 

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