Post-covid symptoms seen in patients: A report


AIIMS has explained the post covid complications, that are happening in the patients that are recovering from covid have all the symptoms of fibrosis, scanning, and other pulmonary diseases. AIIMS has all the dedicated centers for better clinical management. 

Doctors and the dedicated in-charges declared that they have already received the cases of the post covid pulmonary disease for the last two months, declared by AIIMS Patna. 

The symptoms of the post covid diseases are the heavy cough, accurate chest pain, blood in the cough(symptoms), and difficulty in breathing. Patients are also seen with fever and a lack of oxygen. The head of the department in medicine Dr. Ravi declared that there are significant patients that are increasing in post-covid fibrosis and the changes related to it. The oxygen level drops and the chest infection increases. There will be the presence of a dry cough. At this time, mostly chest X-RAY and whole-body CT scan is advisable, stated the doctor.

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