Home All News Raj Kundra was arrested last week on Monday

Raj Kundra was arrested last week on Monday

Raj Kundra was arrested last week on Monday

Raj Kundra, one of the successful businessman and husband of famous Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty have been arrested for making the porn illegally. He is booked and arrested under the Indian Penal Code and the illegal act of IT. 

Not only Raj Kundra, but 11 other people are arrested with him that have been involved in making the porn and creating the pornographic videos and at last publishing them too. He was arrested by the crime branch last week on Monday. The sections that are applied on the Raj Kundra were 420,34,292, and 293 of the illegal act of representation of women act. 

On Tuesday, of the last week, he was taken to the private hospital for a checkup and was examined by the police after. He was taken to the Police Commissioner’s office later. 

When he was arrested the police commissioner said that the evidence for the businessman Raj Kundra was clearly stated and was involved in an illegal act like Porn. 

The statement of the Commissioner was like, the Crime Branch of Mumbai arrested Raj Kundra for illegally making pornographic films and also publishing them through applications. Raj Kundra was arrested on the 19th and the crime branch has stated that they are having enough and sufficient evidence against him for making the porn. 

It is not the first time that Raj Kundra was involved in such cases, the racket first time was disclosed in February. Women ran to the Mumbai Police complaining against the 

The racket of making and publishing pornographic content with Kundra’s involvement was first busted in February this year when a woman approached the Mumbai Police against the businessman and alleged involvement in luring young women and men on the pretext of offering roles into web series and short films. They allegedly forced them to act in a pornographic film instead.

The property was sealed that was located in the Madh area. 5 other people were arrested with the Kundra on Monday. 


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