Reopening of the Taj Mahal with covid guidelines


After the relief in the covid and the spread of coronavirus, there have been seen that tourists place are getting opened that includes every place and the visits of historical places. The Agra district magistrate and the handler Prabhu Singh said that the Taj Mahal is opened and almost about 600 to 650 tourists shall be allowed to visit it at a time. Along with the limited number of people allowance, the protocols of the covid shall also be followed strictly in order to keep up with the safety. 

The Taj Mahal was closed for two months, it will be rigidly open for the tourists to enter and experience the everlasting beauty. It was shut on the May 17 last year when the first wave of pandemic occurred. It was then opened on September 21st, 2020 but with restrictions. It was again shut for two months when the second wave hit the country. Finally, it is now opening after two months but the mentioned guidelines and protocols for the tourists. 

New guidelines and the protocols for the tourists are as follows:

  1. The only allowance of 600 to 650 people and tourists to enter the historical monument with following the strict covid protocols. No unnecessary crowd and gathering inside. 
  2. The whole property of the Taj Mahal will be sanitized at least three times a day. It will be handled under the archeologist, Vasant Kumar. 
  3. Only availability of online booking shall be entertained and there will be an allowance of at least 5 tickets from one single contact number. The manual way of the ticket and the ticket center shall be shut in the premises. 
  4. Wearing masks, and sanitization, when they enter, is mandatory for tourists. 
  5. Following the social distancing and avoiding the gatherings in the group shall be swallowed strictly. The visitors are expected to carry the sanitizers with them. 
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