Resuming flights for UAE from Mumbai and Delhi airports have come into the scene.


As the decrease in the covid cases has filed, there is the news of resuming the flights for UAE. There are strict steps taken too for cutting down the coronavirus cases and the disease. Reports have stated that there is a decrease in the covid cases and that too with the Gulf nation should start running and it is expected to resume all the flights of UAE. taking down the Rapid and PCR testing for Covid cases, there have been chances that the flights of the international flights like UAE should be started from the Delhi and Mumbai airports. The passengers will be tested and then sent into the flights. Thus, the tests are considered and it is not resumed blindly. 

The flights are expected to run and start from the date 23rd June and it will be rescheduled after the covid situation. The UAE flights were first suspended from India and now it is expected to start as there is a tremendous decrease in the covid cases. According to the plan of resuming the flights, it is dated from July 15th to July 21. 

Continuous sanitation and tests like PCR and rapid have been on the scene. Without the surety of the Covid negative reports, it is not allowed to travel for passengers. The tests that are taken in the airport are provided within a time of a maximum of 15 minutes and thus it does not take much time for the passengers to consume it. The execution of the labs is equipped inside the airport and also it is kept sanitized and in the proper care so that there are no other chances of getting infected in other ways. 

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