Home Uncategorized Return of the oxygen to nature is a must: Doctors

Return of the oxygen to nature is a must: Doctors

Return of the oxygen to nature is a must: Doctors

It is the phase of delicate times where people are receiving maximum deaths and lacking the oxygen level. We are interpreting and consuming maximum oxygen right now. It is time that we give back oxygen to nature. Different cities and their covid ratio have consumed a different amount of oxygen. The oxygen that has been consumed is different in the different cities. 

The city of Nagpur has consumed over 150,000 liters of oxygen till now and that is a big amount that we have taken from our mother nature. For those patients that have been recovering from the Covid-19 and getting out of the hospitals, it is their time to plant a tree and give back oxygen that is consumed. 

The hospital is mentoring in the right way about how one should plant at least 10 trees that despise the giving away of the oxygen to nature. This will ultimately heal mother nature as well as oxygen level from in nature. One should thank enough to nature enough for the recovery and so it is time to give back what you have taken from nature. 

It is not only for the one city but every covid warrior should know this and put it in the action. The amount of India that are facing the covid crisis, must grow the right amount of at least 10 trees individually. 


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