Satya Nadella declared as Chief Executive officer in Microsoft


It is a proud moment for India when they are assigned as the chairperson of international companies. On Wednesday, the Chief executive officer of Microsoft Satya Nadella was assigned as the Chairperson in the replacement of Mr. Thompson.
Other business platforms that Microsoft took over like Linkedin, Nuance Communication, and Zenimax were raised by Nadella who became CEO in 2014 in the place of Steve Ballmer. He is known for his interesting and innovative business ideas that turn up to be great revenue generation for the company and in the business.
He is going to lead as an individual that was replaced by Bill Gates in the year 2014, said Thompson.
Bill Gates took down himself and stepped out from Microsoft as he wanted to join the philanthropic activities from his and Melinda gates foundation, it is one of the largest charities in the world that helps a maximum number of people in need. It is a worldwide charity that serves help globally.
Gates had the relationship and romantic involvement from the company that leads to problems and where board members decided to let go of Gates that shall not create any problem in the company further. This decision was taken long back and the replacements continued.

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