Social media ban implementation, what are the reasons?



There were supposed to take action on the new rules and given three months time to comply with them in the company. Nevertheless, the deadline ended on May 25. 

For the non-compliance of the center’s guidelines, there are chances of social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter getting banned. It was pre-notified on May 25th and it was responded that they are working on the new rules and trying to get them implemented. 

Why social media ban? 

As mentioned earlier new rules were declared on the February 25 and the social media platforms were already notified and that clearly ended on May 25. So if they fail to comply with the new IT rules, they will get banned. 

Rules of the social media ban.

These social media giants are not at all registered headquartered in India, as they will have to appoint the chief compliance officer for the handling of the social media in India that is mainly resident of India. The content that is flagged by the authorities, shall be removed within 36 hours. 

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