Surat initiates the vaccination drive for the students moving abroad


Some students have recently suffered a lot due to the pandemic for flying abroad for their studies, it is now important to carry away the vaccination drive and to be free from the Covid for the successful carrying out the international flights and moving to the other countries. There is the conduction of the vaccination drive on Monday where there will be only a vaccination drive carried out for the students who are moving abroad for their studies. It is starting in Surat city.

Those students that are moving abroad and have already taken the first dose, and they need to travel abroad for studies, before the date of the actual vaccination date of the second dose, there will be an arrangement of the second dose for them and they will be benefitted from them. In return, they will be issues a certificate from the center itself and the shots will be given to students after the 28 days of the first dose. 

Instead of 10 weeks, these students will be administrated in just four weeks for the vaccination for the Covid-19 vaccination, the gap will be ultimately reduced and they can carry out their study process abroad. 

The state government has reduced the gap between the two doses and instead of the 45 days they have come directly to 28 days for the second dose of the vaccination, as there may not be any difference and the vaccination drive will be carried out fast and smoothly. 

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