Surat’s Covid testing lab run by women: GMC government Civil Hospital


In surat, there is a lab that is run 90% by women, where they conducted almost 2.8 lakh tests in the month of March. Women generally have families to look after, some are wives, mothers, daughters, and still, they managed to run this lab 24*7 and passed through this pandemic. They almost worked in PPE kit selflessly working round the clock for serving the nation best by conducting the test day and night. 

They are the women of today. They are the team of microbiology department where they have served the best by conducting various tests of RT-PCR and another covid test. Out of a staff of 90 students, there are 80 women. 

The team conducted over 1000 tests per day and they have carried out an enormous amount of tests since March 2020. The count went up to 2.7 Lakhs and they were working round the clock. They also conveyed that during the peak of the covid, they passed out more than 3000 tests per day and it was a hard time to cope up but we, however, managed to work on it as the time was hard for everybody. 

They could not afford to close the lab, as the maximum samples came in the evening and we worked the whole night to surpass the samples and give reports to them in the morning. There were times that even some of the staff members got infected but they resumed their work in the lab after they got recovered. There are many staff members who have kids at their homes and family to feed but however, the family members were very much support because it was a time that our nation and the people of our country needed us badly. We stood and surpassed the situation of the pandemic. 

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