Telangana health minister questions the Ministry of Health


Health Minister of Telangana Eatala Rajender stated to the Government in the press conference that was held on April 29. The discussion about oxygen, Remdesivir, and vaccines was going on along with Health Minister, he states that the health minister of the center is not doing enough work as it needs to find a new strategy and take this second wave seriously. Not only the second wave but the triple mutant of the virus has developed to incorporate the health of our nation. 

The vaccine strategy should be reworked.

The health minister stated that there are almost 1.70 crore people who are aging in between 18 to 45. So if we work along with this ratio, then the state requires almost double the number of vaccines and that is 3.5 crore doses of vaccines as everybody is given the double shot. The nation does not have any idea about how and what type of vaccines will work? Will the nation have to import it from other countries? What is the accurate number of people in this age group? A number of vaccines given to each state and still a lot many questions. If the plan works with accurate data then everybody will have a chance to get vaccinated in the right way. The random distribution of the vaccine will not work and so the nation has to plan it out in the right way and conduct it in a disciplined manner, as it is no joke. 

Not only vaccines but Remdisvir that is one of the important injection doses and highly needed for people is sold at an extremely high price in the market. For this situation, he blames the central government for the undivided distribution of the sources for the Covid-19. The first center needs to make it available for themselves and then states should buy it from them. People are directly sourcing by themselves and that is not done. 

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