The controversial wave of Covid from where?


Since the Kumbh Mela, the covid situation has been in the question in the minds of the public. Never the less it was very stupid of the government to allow such a huge mass of gathering in the pandemic situation and more stupid of people to even gather there and some without wearing masks and also not following protocols. It rose the huge wave and a sudden increase in the covid cases were brought from there. 

Similarly in Bengal, there were 10,000 cases per day. It was all in the sure of the election campaigns that many of the protocols were accused. Not only political leader risks their lives but also risks the people who are joining them. It spreads the maximum covid and slowly and gradually people did not start taking seriously. The elections are way more important even than their own health. Who is going to take all these things when you will not be left with them? 

It is at least expected from political leaders to avoid the huge mass of gatherings, maintaining social distance, avoid unnecessary meets and going out but it was acted the exact opposite. Political parties should be active and strict in such cases when the leader is misinterpreting who is to question other people? India is not safe right now, we all know the piles of death happening daily and also 

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