The Covid-19 has laid the digital market to threadbare


The never-ending use of technology has to lead to be standing the main importance today in between the Covid-19 era. In this pandemic, we only have access to online things. India is one of the largest standings and also considered to be the 2nd largest country of having the access to the cheapest internet use and one of the highest manufacturing mobile companies. Despite having the largest access to internet connections, there are areas where still access to internet connection is a question and people do not have access to it. 

2020 is known as the year of the Pandemic where developing the digital era has become the mandatory things to add to the lifestyle. The whole world has acquired the digitally using of the things where on-demand delivery apps for mobile that is IT companies have raised their stakes. The Prasad stated at the UN level in the debate that was conducted in the name of the “Digital Cooperation and Connectivity” for ending the divided use of the internet. 

The pandemic has literally shown the importance of the technology that was reimagined by the people that how that is important and lived with the touch of technology making our lives easier. 

Noting down the high level of demand that was used by the people is said to have the best use of technology issues during the pandemic so it has become an important task to have the undivided issue of the internet connection.

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