The decision for Jammu and Kashmir, finally meeting was held on Thursday.


As mentioned earlier it was taken decision by the honorable chief minister Narendra Modi that there will be meetings held with the political leaders of Jammu and Kashmir, in the welfare of the state for various reasons. 

The meeting was held and they conveyed to Modi that the decision that was taken earlier in the year 2019, was not in the favor of the state and the actual decision should be the exact opposite of it. 

Narendra Modi met the political leader of J & K for attending the meeting that was supposed to be held. There was supposed to be a discussion about the status of Jammu and Kashmir, that it should be kept autonomous or semi-autonomous. Earlier when the decision was taken, the decision on August 5, 2019. The discussion between political leaders was taken as follows: 

Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah, stated and demanded that he wants the restoration of the state, but the decision was taken against the people of the state as well as the state. It was then mentioned that he wants those restoration and the right-back, as it will be in the favor of the people and state. 

The discussion went a little overhead, during the meeting where it was discussed that none of the political leaders of Kashmir agreed to the decision that was taken two years back on August 5, 2019, regarding the status of the Kashmir state that was regardlessly taken against the people and state. NC leader, Omar Abdullah conveyed that we obsessively disagree with the decision that was taken earlier regarding Jammu and Kashmir, but we do not want to take the law and overrule the decision but we shall drag this to the court. 

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