The rise in the fuel price: Difficult to cop-up for the common man.


The prices of petrol and diesel are rising at the highest take in the country. The raising of the fuel is constant and the petrol prices are raised by 26 paise frim Rs 93.68 per litre to Rs 93.94 per litre. Diesel prices were increased by 28 paise that shows Rs 84.61 per litre to Rs 84.89 per litre. The increase in the fuel is enormous rise in the economy and it is getting difficult for the common people to cop-up with. It is almost 15th raise in the fuel prices, since May have started. 

Diesel is retailed at Rs 92.17 per litre in Mumbai and petrol prices are Rs 100 per litre in mumbai. Not only Mumbai but several states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh have touched the 100 rates that is varying the across from state to state. 

The oil marketing companies, Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petrolum, and Hundustan Petroleum have the alignment in the rates of the domestic fuels, that includes the crude oil prices considering the foreign exchange rates in the country. The fuel prices vary from 6 a.m. everyday and it is considered to be the final prices for the country and then the states in the country. 

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