The stock of vaccines and the record of availability stays clueless in private hospitals of Bihar.


With the increase and the maximum number of people getting the vaccination in India, it is ranking ahead of the U.S. The vaccination policy will change from June 21, while states giving the vaccination dose free of costs, there will be charges taken in the private hospitals. The vaccination policy with the planning from the private hospitals in Bihar has declared that vaccination will be held after the vaccination payment will be done by the government. 

Hospitals like Ruban Patliputra, Kurji hospital, Netaji Subhash Medical, SS hospital, etc are among these hospitals that are giving up the vaccination drive and declared the advance payment from the government. 

The guidelines were revised from the center of the vaccine, which has procurement the minimum consignment, and the size for the state supply has changed to 6,000 Covidshield doses and 2,880 Covacin doses. The doses should be in the counting of the 500 Covidshield doses and 160 Covaxin doses, declared Manoj Kumar who is the minister of the Health Society in Bihar. 

Dr. Singh declared that they are having the stock of 3000 doses but the statement from the government came in a way that the doses should be given in a small quantity and so they decided to give away in the 100 doses on trial. Product’s detailed information 

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