Home All News The transparency of China has been questioned.

The transparency of China has been questioned.

The transparency of China has been questioned.

The transparency in keeping up the data of Covid-19 cases from China has come to question. There are chances that the surfacing of some of the Covid reports is missing, it was declared by the news media ANI. It was discovered by Jesse Bloom who is a virologist in cancer research in Seattle. 

The cause of the pandemic, the cases that were emerged from China are now into the question of keeping the transparency. The cases and the sequence are deliberately missing whereas the doubt of the missing the cases as well some frauds transparency is being questioned.  The virologists conveyed that it was definitely possible that the China people might have obstructed and made some changes to the deletion of the case and sequence in the covid cases and much more. 

There were many incidents that happened like this that questioned the transparency and created doubt for China. This was conveyed by the Washington Post. it was now time to call for a discussion and further investigation that carried away China’s revelation of the truth. 

There is also doubt about the initiation of the spreading of the Corona Virus that from where it was evolved, was it from an animal to a human host, or was it pure zoonotic spreading of the virus. Also, the question arises that whether it was a mistake from the virology laboratory. It is in high demand that now a serious investigation shall take place for finding the righ reasons and also spilling over what is the real truth. 


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