The word “Genocide” has come into action.


The High Court of Allahabad has observed that people dying due to lack of oxygen supply is no less than a criminal act. It is considered to be shot of a genocide. 

There are hospitals that are facing a lack of oxygen and people are just suffering and dying with it. The high court of Allahabad states this as the “genocide” as they took the reports of the increasing of the Covid-19 cases and that is much more disturbing especially when people are dying because of lack of resources. 

The news is all going on various social media sites and in the news for the ICU trauma of medical college in Meerut. Similarly, the various places like Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, and other private hospitals have raised their hands off from not admitting the Covid patients. 

The current state of affairs has noticed the management and running of the online portals related to sources and the vaccination given by the government, it ultimately casts the shadow upon the various private hospitals of Covid-19. 

The high court also suggested that there are some serious allegations and the situation that has been put up on the government about not providing enough sources for hospitals. 

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