Trouble brews in Kerela for Congress


The Congress party has been discontent from the various states, especially in Rajasthan and Punjab units. A similar situation was faced from the Kerela state, the political party leader was sidelined and was ignored, the matter was not aware people brutally sidelined the person, just because he was from the Congress party. 

There were many discomforts and discontent for the political party as they did not confront the honorable exit and were unable to meet Chief Sonia Gandhi. They were not consulted neither their names were called out, the opposition leader. 

A Chenithala declared that he at least deserved a loyal and respectful exit. The Congress president Rahul Gandhi could have called him for the explanation of why the fresh faces were needed and were now necessary to build up in the political party of Congress. The changes were made without consultation and that lead to an uninformed situation. The leader said feeling dreadful. 

There are people in the Congress party who needed the “Chennithala” to stay and perform its function, but most wanted the party’s change and was suggested by most of the young MLA and MP. The discussion was carried by the leaders of organizations that included the MLA and MPs. 

The next leader was chosen by everyone, VD Satheesan. He was the opposite of the leader K Sudhakaran and was nominated for the chief of the Kerela Congress. Congress party kept the Chennithala at the age of 65, and still wanted to keep him and wanted him to offer but they were unsure about how they would accommodate him and take him further in the party. 

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