Twitter India again raised questions about the wrong representation of the Indian map.


In recent times, Twitter has been in the most controversies regarding following the IT rules that have been declared by countries looking for a better future and correspondence of using it. There has been no ban on Twitter as they have finally recovered the rules for Twitter.

Twitter India chief named Mr. Manish has filed against showcasing the wrong map of India, under the police of Uttar Pradesh. It was conveyed by the people of the development department.  Not only Manish but Chitra Singh was also involved and is handled by the police department. They came under section 505(2) founded conducting the joke and mischief of the country and that is breaking the rule of act 74 of the IT department that was implemented in 2008. For showing the incorrect map of India, the lawyer Praveen Bhati has shown and filed the FIR against Twitter India. 

It is not the first time that has happened but earlier it was filed against “Tweep Life”, and showed the map of India in the incorrect way. There have been allegations earlier too. Earlier it was more, the Indian map was showed in the incorrect way by representing the Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh as a totally different country and was an insult to the country. Twitter is considered as the microblogging platform, and the incorrect map was removed on the Late night Monday, which showed that somewhere it was wrong to represent the country like that. 

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