Twitter looses the power of legal protection


Twitter will no longer come under the pineal protection Section 79. It is an IT act that comes under the protection of interference of the third part in the content and other liability. This was stated by one of the government officials on Wednesday. 

Twitter is no longer considered to be eligible for the problems and objections that shall be occurred in the future, there will be no responsibility taken by the legal authorities. Any cases that are filed after the date of May 26th will not be considered or resolved. 

The new rules that were set by the information technology were supposed to be looked at and compiled by twitter. The acts that comes under the intermediary guidelines and digital media ethics code were suppose to be compiled by Twitter. It was strictly noted that those social media would not compile the new rules, they shall be banned from the legal authorities and no further responsibilities shall be taken by them. 

It was also noted that officials say that, under the goodwill of the renowned platform, there was much time given to them in case they wanted to compile the new rules but the compilation did not appear. Twitter failed to meet the deadline and also after the time of the deadline that was given to the social media. 

At last, they have spoken to the officials that they will try to compile the new rule IT guideline and keeping up with the IT ministry to make further progress. 

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