UV-C technology to equip in the Parliament.


The monsoon session is on the way and it is expected to start from July 19th., it is the time that we all take much care, and as the virus spread will tend to increase in the monsoon season. There are chances that people will get infected sooner. It is important to take precautions as early as possible. The parliament has decided to equip the radiation technology, that will kill all the germs and the virus that are present in the atmosphere. The science and technology Union Minister have surpassed the message that their installation of UV-C will play a major role in preventing the diseases. The airborne disease will be reduced and so it will be considered as the great prevention against disease. 

The installing the UV-C radiation and the disinfection, disinfection can be prevented. It is developed by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. It is highly carried away from and tested by the Council of Health Ministry. The priority of installing the UV-C is given to the main central hall of the Parliament, Lok Sabha section, rooms 62 and 63 of the Committee. Heads of the health ministry stated that UV-C is important disinfection that is used to prevent airborne disease, and it is preventing for years now. Other infections like airborne, porous and non-porous surfaces diseases and other Covid infecting diseases are prevented from the UV-C. 

While the head has conveyed that the UV-C shall be installed according to the requirement and for preventing the SARS COV2 virus. UV-C can also help in reducing the fungal infections that are witnessed during the third wave of pandemics. Hence, it will prevent it from various diseases, and as we all know prevention is better than cure. 

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