Various announcements and facts for the vaccination: Announced by health minister


The health ministry of India declared that vaccination is not an overnight process and definitely not an easy task to render. It is not possible to increase production overnight. A vaccine is a biological and medical product that needs to take care of intensively. The biological product specially meant for serious health disorders, is looked upon with taking out the qualitative testing and experiments. In order to maintain the end product, the process is taken care of and is kept under constant watch and guidance. The ministry announced in defending the vaccination strategy suggested. 

This statement needed to be overlooked when the political leader, Rahul Gandhi questioned the vaccination process and stated that there is no strategy for the vaccination drive in the country. Seeing this process, the vaccination may take almost 3 to 4 years and India might face various pandemic waves, and the lives of maximum people will put up in danger. Prakash Javadekar has put the criticism and said that the health ministry has its own strategic and work map of carrying forward the work and aiming of providing the maximum vaccination to the entire population of the country by December. 

Due to limited manufacturing capacity globally, the demand for vaccination is getting higher and higher with increasing the case in the COVID. Talking about the ratio, India has covered 200 million people in just 130 days and it is considered to be the largest coverage in the world. 

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