Volvo spills out the EV car plan in the automobile world.


Volvo has been planning to get the first hands and is standing up with Tesla for what they have planned the enormous execution in the features and more. Volvo is planning to take and roll out the first next generation of electric vehicles by the year 2022, which Tesla has just given thought to and declared to the public. 

The Volvo company that has been making enormous changes in the automobile world has been put up for execution for people. It is definitely the move that brings up electric mobility and the change in the automobile society. The company is all ready to stand as a rival and cross out the battle in the field. 

The plans were showcased that have been put up in the action for the future on Wednesday. The features of the electric Volvo car are such that they have included the battery mobility that can access 1k kilometers. Still, they have not shared the precise data and other details, which shall be a pure surprise for us when it is launched. The main focus is on the battery. It has the battery that has the plan in Europe of about 50gWH capacity in the production. Through the information fetched, Tesla has been found with the 35gWH production capacity in the Nevada plant. 

Several other plans along with the EV car technology are on the way by Volvo. The Volvo is mainly known for the safety in the car through the infrastructure build in it. There has been a build-up of the safest cars that are present. The CEO of Volvo, Hakan said that their goal is to build and execute the safest automobile and all the technology that we can use it for the same. 

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