What happens if you miss the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine?


There are lot more questions related to vaccines these days amongst people. The gap between the vaccines is almost about 28 days and covidshield is about 4-5 days. The question is what happens when you miss out the second dose of the covid vaccine?

India is lacking in the management of the system in distributing the covid vaccines. So there is the biggest concern about the people who have been already vaccinated ones and now they cannot take the second dose because of the shortage in the vaccine. However, the Covaxin in India is manufactured by the Bharat Biotech and Covidshield is manufactured by the Serum Insitute of India but they have totally different dosages of providing the vaccines to the people. 

What happens when second dose of vaccination is missed?

The consequence of missing out or not taking the vaccination dose of COVID-19 is that you will not be protected though you have taken the first dose. The first dose of the vaccination will be a waste if it is not covered by the second dose. The ICMR stated that if you are exposed to the unhygienic and corona wards, then you definitely get the infection of COVID, and also it has chances to get worst. 

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