Why youngsters are more affected by the Covid?: Explained the ICMR


Dr. Balram Bhargava sentenced that youngsters are highly affected in the second wave of the Covid and the new variant may be one of the reasons for it. The virus is not here for stopping infact it has the tendency to upgrade itself more recently. The hospital mortality rate is around 9.6%, he stated this because he was asked a question about analyzing the new vaccination in children as there is not much difference in the categorizing the vaccination drive. People who are above the age of 45 are more likely to show the tendency and vulnerability against this disease. 

The positive rate is higher than 42% of total districts than the national rate. 

The second wave apparently started in March and the rate was about 30% that rose by 1% in April and also in the showing the most effective in the people who are above 30 years. 

The scientific advisor also stated that government, hospitals, and doctors should be prepared for the third wave of this deadly virus, which will be threatened if there are no proper protocols followed. There are high chances that this third wave will mostly be affected in children and damage their lungs. Maharashtra has already started stating the covid centers and is prepared if the third wave is hit. Apart from everything, the most important thing is to channelize and follow the strict protocols and take precautions, then only we all can kill ad break the chain of this deadly virus. 

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