Zack Snyder on working with Huma Qureshi in Army of the Dead: ‘Only want Indian actors in my movies from now on


The Filmmaker named Zack Synder has stated during the collaboration with the famous actress Huma Qureshi, the film about the dead army that he wants to work with only Indian actors. Huma plays the role of Geeta in the Zombie category film that will be released on Netflix due on May 21. 

He made the remake of the film Dawn of the Dead which was made in 2004. The filmmaker had made a name in the various genres like comic books like DC extended universe till 2007. 

In the interview, the filmmaker said Huma’s character was deep-intended Indian women that always represented as a strong Indian character that I always thought of having in my film. 

From the character of Humma, the filmmaker decided to take only Indian characters as he finds it powerful and useful.  The star Dace Bautista includes the main features as the character in the film. The supporting character named Ella Purnell, Omari Hardwick, and others has spun off the anime film. 

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